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By Special Appointment…

If you’d like to see the Whales (and the new GFP Bags), we’ll set up the market stall specially for you – strictly by Appointment Only – CONTACT THE GFP

About The Greenland Fishery…

Leather Whales are an integral part of The Greenland Fishery and The Whale Whorkshop is at the heart of It.  It’s where we make Leather Whales, Bags, Clothing, Shoes and Accessories.

The Greenland Fishery is historically the focal point of Lynn’s Whaling Heritage – the Project is keeping that heritage alive, and writing a new chapter on Whaling in the twenty-first century.


We created the process of Whalemaking from scratch; we made the patterns, developed the techniques and discovered the materials and tools that make our Leather Whales unique. If you’d like to try your hand at Whalemaking, or give the gift of a Whalemaking Day – just send a message to

The Leather Whales

Our Whalemakers use carefully selected leathers from the finest suppliers. We use many different colours, textures and patterns. The leather will change according to availability.  That means every whale is unique. The eyes are glass, and have a metal pin which secures them – and that’s why we say they’re not toys for very small children.

We’ll eagerly take on commissions if there’s something specific you’d like… contact us at

The whales we’ve chosen are all Arctic species, those being the ones our historical hunters would have encountered on their voyages.  Our whales are arranged in categories taken from Moby Dick, Chapter 32 Cetology.

About ‘On Back-Order’

“On Back-Order” means that the one in the photo has gone to a new home and we’ll need to make another, so it’s more like “Made to Order“.  Contact Us if you have questions

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