The ‘Pip’ Leather Tote Bag


The ‘Pip’ leather Tote bag, with inside pocket for a purse or phone.  HandMade especially for swinging to and from the market.

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Leather Tote Bag, made in Soft Black Leather

The Greenland Fishery’s Pip’ Leather Tote Bag is Made specially for swinging to and from the markets, with inside pocket for a purse or phone.

With hand-stitching and, as with the Greenland Fishery Project’s Leather Whales, we don’t hide any imperfections, in fact we highlight them.

In Moby Dick, Pip fills the role of a cabin boy or jester on the Pequod. Pip has a minimal role in the beginning of the narrative but becomes important when he goes insane after being left to drift alone in the sea for some time. Like the fools in Shakespeare’s plays, he is half idiot and half prophet, often perceiving things that others don’t.

“On Back-Order” means that the one in the photo has gone to a new home and we’ll need to make another, so it’s more like “Made to Order”.  Contact Us if you have questions