The ‘Starbuck’ Leather & Canvas Crossbody Backpack


The Starbuck – Leather Crossbody Backpack Bag, made in Soft Black Leather and Natural Canvas

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Leather Crossbody Backpack Bag, made in Soft Black Leather and Natural Canvas

The Greenland Fishery’s ’Starbuck’ Leather and Canvas Crossbody Bag is made specially for swinging to and from the markets or the mountains. It has an inside pocket for a purse or phone.

The Starbuck’ leather backpack is hand-stitched throughout, with waxed linen thread.  As with the Greenland Fishery Project’s Leather Whales, we don’t hide any imperfections, in fact we highlight them.

In Moby Dick, Starbuck is the young chief mate. A thoughtful and intellectual Quaker from Nantucket. He is married with a son.
Such is his desire to return to them, he considers arresting Ahab and turning the ship back for home.

Starbuck is alone in objecting to Ahab’s quest, declaring it madness to want revenge on an animal. Starbuck advocates continuing the more mundane pursuit of whales for their oil. But he lacks the support of the crew in his opposition to Ahab, and is unable to persuade them to turn back. Despite his misgivings, he feels himself bound by his obligations to obey the captain.

Starbuck was an important Quaker family name on Nantucket, and there were dozens of actual whalemen of this period named Starbuck, as evidenced by the name of Starbuck Island in the South Pacific whaling grounds.

“On Back-Order” means that the one in the photo has gone to a new home and we’ll need to make another, so it’s more like “Made to Order”.  Contact Us if you have questions