Glittery Green Sperm Whale (Half-Sized)


A smaller bright green metallic leather Sperm Whale.

Available on back-order


Glittery Green Sperm Whale

A Half-Sized bright shiny green leather Sperm Whale: This one’s half the size of our Full-Sized Sperm Whale – around 50cm in length.

Made of a spectacular green glittery leather with a pristine white tummy, she’ll grace any room – whether it’s hanging from a beam, resting on a shelf or desktop.

The Sperm Whale is the largest of the Odontoceti, or toothed whales; they are found all over the world and are predators -plunging to 2,250 metres to battle the Giant Squid.  To do this they use a remarkable form of echolocation.
To highlight this, we don’t hide any imperfections – marks, scars or tears – in the leather used to make the whales; so, like many others, this one has a visible repair.

“On Back-Order” means that the one in the photo has gone to a new home and we’ll need to make another, so it’s more like “Made to Order”.  Contact Us if you have questions