Black Right Whale (Half-Sized)


A smaller black, soft and waxy leather Right Whale.

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Soft, waxy black leather Right Whale

A Half-Sized black ‘Old Grease’ leather Right Whale: This one’s half the size of our Full-Sized Right Whale – around 50cm in length.

Made of a soft, waxy, matt black leather, both top and bottom, she’ll grace any room – whether it’s hanging from a beam, resting on a shelf or desktop.

The Greenland or North Atlantic Right Whale is so called because it was the whaler’s favourite; it’s body has a vast amount of blubber – and that was the stuff the hunters were after – to harvest the oil, for lighting, cooking and heating.  That was before gas or electricity were used.  So, the Right Whale was slaughtered, close to extinction… and today they’re still perilously low in numbers; climate change, plastic pollution and boat strikes are the 21st Century threat to this magnificent creature.  To highlight this, we don’t hide any imperfections – marks, scars or tears – in the leather used to make the whales are not hidden.

“On Back-Order” means that the one in the photo has gone to a new home and we’ll need to make another, so it’s more like “Made to Order”.  Contact Us if you have questions

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