An illustrated afternoon talk at Lynn Museum

We gave a talk on Whales, Whaling and The Greenland Fishery Project, as a follow up to a four month museum display of Jon’s whales and the GF building in the entrance to the museum, curated by Sam …

Thanks to the fine folks at Lynn Museum; Oliver, Dayna, Sam, Sophie, Sade, Alison, Jan…

Here are some of the comments from the talk:

Brave to use the narrative of Herman Melville – Interesting talk… Especially the later part describing whaling in King’s Lynn
Much more detailed and exciting than I had expected. V. Good. Thank You.
Fact Packed. Well Illustrated. Fun & Informative. Made me want to read AC Doyle’s account.
Wow! So much information! Very enjoyable.
Fascinating; lots of information & I suspect lots more to come – maybe split the talk into several different ones, so can be covered in more depth.
Very enjoyable. Loved the unexpected approach.
Very informative and food for thought. Fascinating presentation and a refreshing difference to standard talks. Liked the pictures and models.

Two more whaling talks scheduled in and around King’s Lynn in November and February – will keep you posted on how these go.