An Historic venue for crafts and events

The Greenland Fishery Project aims to provide a heritage venue for local craftsmen and women, where they can sell their products, demonstrate and teach their skills.  The focus will be on heritage crafts; such as wood and metal work, textiles – spinning and weaving, ceramics… anything that’s made by hand.

The Greenland Fishery is a dramatic and impressive building and as venue for heritage crafts it’ll provide a focus for craftsmen and women in the West Norfolk area.
The Heritage Craft movement is growing and it is predicted that the numbers of independent craftspeople will increase in the next few years as the importance of manual skills is recognised and nurtured.

You will have a unique venue to showcase and sell your craft, opportunities to run training and workshops to promote your craft as well as a presence at events and an online shop.

The building offers a variety of opportunties for display, sales and activities  – from a small stall, to a vast hall.  There is also some outside space for events and/or demonstrations.