• Greenland Fishery Project extra-large Black (leather) Sperm Whale

Black Kudu [leather] Sperm Whale [extra large]


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Large as you like, with all the signs of a life amongst the Giant Squid, our XL leather Sperm Whale is truly making a statement.

She’s over a metre in length, so needs some serious space to show off.

Made from natural Kudu skin leather, with all the marks of it’s life in the African savannah, and the lions.  Quite appropriate for an embattled Sperm Whale.

Like all Greenland Fishery Project’s leather whales, this one is unique.  Of course we can make others, but never quite the same; and we can also make one to your colour, texture or finish.  Call anytime or email.  Better still, arrange a visit to the Whale Workshop at The Greenland Fishery and we’ll talk whales!

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Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 120 × 65 × 65 cm