Greenland Right Whale in super-soft bright blue suede leather, with a beautiful black waxy upper.

Spring 2021: The Greenland Fishery has moved location

And The Greenland Fishery Project has moved to more and better things…

We’re still all about whales, whaling and the leather whales,



It’s all about Whales and Whaling History…

The Greenland Fishery 2020 Built in 1605 by John Atkin, merchant and twice Mayor of King’s Lynn, the magnificent Greenland Fishery house is the root of The Greenland Fishery Project.  The Greenland Fishery Timeline
In the late 18th century, the house was owned by the Greenland Company who used it as a tavern and hostel for their whalers who sailed to the Arctic to hunt for whales – whose blubber was converted to oil and used for lighting, cooking and heating.  A History of Whales & Whaling