It’s a map, Jim
it’s a map

Boal Quay is formed of a loop in the River Nar, a tributary off the River Great Ouse, on the south side of King’s Lynn in Norfolk. It was once a busy part of King’s Lynn’s port, which was extremely important to England in medieval times, and fundamental to the town’s economy as long as it has existed.

Photos here show what remains; a collection of hulks, a little, muddy tidal stream, a reed-bed of sedge and… quite a lot of litter.

More about Boal Quay and it’s history

The Tosca, topical…

The Tosca, an abandoned ship in Boal Quay, King's Lynn, with NHS graffitti
The Tosca, topically marked NHS. She was steamed into Boal Quay in the 90’s on a series of high tides, then left there. Somebody lived on the hulk, until 2013’s flood swept through the hull.