21°, the day after the royal wedding and the scene was well set for socialising and celebrating King’s Lynn’s history on ‘Hanse Day’.
Among the visitors were a family from South Street who lived in a whaler’s house belonging to William Bellamy – built in 1816 and lived in by him until 1860. We speculated that he probably drank in the GF as it was only 4 minutes walk from his house!

Thanks too for the information about the devil on the doorframe from a lady from Greggs. Missed that!

Another even closer neighbour from our street told us about his interest in 1940s clothes including two tone Correspondents Shoes which sparked an idea for a new bowhead whale. Thanks Peter!

Sir Dudley, The King's Lynn Steampunk Society

Sir Dudley, The King’s Lynn Steampunk Society

A Boston re enactor   – Sir Dudley – stopped for a drink pointing out that his armour was heating up in the sun! Jon shared his orange juice with him and he stopped for a photograph all the time maintaining his character. He shared the knowledge of battles and history that the re enactors have so much of.

The Steampunks looked fantastic in their own inventive way!

Our favourite visitors though have to be the children with their whale facts and brilliant levels of interest – encouraged by Jon blue beard – always up for a whale fact swap with ‘ tiny whale ‘ prizes for good tries. 

Thanks to our customers too for keeping us in ‘whale sales’. We are planning to come to more Lynn markets in the future and thanks to Abbie Panks (Discover Lynn) for the invite on Hanse Day 2018.