The Greenland Fishery | One of King’s Lynn’s oldest jettied timber-framed buildings

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A whale, lost in Lynn, 1842

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“… an enormous whale, which had apparently fallen asleep…”

An anonymous account of a whale in King’s Lynn’s water


Port of Kings Lynn 11th April 1867

On …
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Notes on the Arctic Whale-Fishery from Yarmouth and Lynn

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Thomas Southwell FZS V-P

From Norfolk & Norwich Naturalists’ Society, 1908


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Aitkin… A Jacobean family affair

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William Atkin, Mayor of King’s Lynn. Image: Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk

John Atkin’s name is on a blue plaque outside the Greenland Fishery …
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Steve Worfolk’s map of ‘The Friars’ c1905

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Steve Worfolk’s map of The Friar’s 1905

Drawn in 2001, shows the river Nar and it’s environs, as it probably was, with his family’s boat yard, the Blubber House and …
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“The town bells were rung…”

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On the return to Lynn of a large Whaler, after an Arctic voyage From The Lynn Advertiser, 1872

As is generally known, in that day (c.1820) there were what were …
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